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Best TV for Airbnb & Vacation Rentals [2024]

Want the best TV for Airbnb and vacation rentals in 2024? Airbnb TVs should be smart, easy to use/set up, high definition (and flat–it’s 2024). Plus, they should have Roku so your Airbnb guests can access all the top TV streaming apps).

It’s true you can’t please every Airbnb or vacation rental guest with a smart television alone. However, a good Airbnb TV can help you optimize your Airbnb. 

Finding the best smart TV for airbnb can be tedious, just like it is for any electronic device. You can spend hours searching for the best Airbnb TVs on Amazon only to become overwhelmed. 

best smart tv airbnb
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While no smart TV is has perfect reviews (reading every customer review on Amazon will burn you out), you want to aim for best overall satisfaction. 

That’s why we did the legwork to find the best TV for vacation rentals (smart TV with the most recommendations), including reviews from actual Airbnb hosts on various websites. 

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases through our links. However, we only recommend products we believe will help your Airbnb or vacation rental thrive.

Best TV for Airbnb Overall: TCL 4K HD LED Smart Roku TV

The overall best TV for Airbnb hosts to include in their vacation rental is the “TCL 4K Smart LED Roku TV.”

Across multiple online forums (such as Reddit, Bigger Pockets and Quora) professional vacation rental hosts and property managers most commonly recommend TCL’s Roku HDTV as the best television for vacation rentals. 

best tv airbnb
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Choose this 2022 model over the older options you see available. Streaming apps can eventually stop supporting old TV models. Buying a 2022 model in 2023 means you’re good for a long while with your Airbnb TV.

Top 15 Reasons it’s the Best Airbnb TV

Here’s why the TCL Roku TV is the best TV for short term rentals:

1. Highly-Recommended by Airbnb Hosts

At ColorMyBnb, we look at a lot of Airbnb listings to help vacation rental owners with their marketing. That being said, we can tell you the most seasoned and successful STR investors most commonly purchase this TCL Roku smart TV for Airbnb listings. 

Plus, as we mentioned above, the TCL Roku TV is a common favorite on online discussion boards, tech review sites and Amazon customer reviews.

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Not to mention, we have one and love how reliable, easy to use and fast it is to start watching our favorite shows and movies. That being said, we personally recommend this smart TV for Airbnb rentals, first-hand.

2. Budget-Friendly Smart TV

Another reason this is a top TV for vacation rental properties is the affordable price point. For example, the 50-inch TV is $269 and the 43-inch TV is $249 (both with free shipping on Amazon Prime).

This is especially important if you need to furnish multiple rooms in a vacation rental on a budget. Plus, if a guest damages your TV, you won’t have *as big* of a meltdown as if you bought a high-cost TV such as the Samsung Frame.

You’ll save a lot of money compared to other televisions.

3. Variety of Sizes to Fit Different Spaces

Speaking of size, the TCL Roku TV is available in small, medium and big screen TV sizes. Options include 43”, 50”, 55”, 65”, 75” and 85”. For help choosing the best TV size for Airbnb, read our TV size guide at the end of this post.

4. Easy to Use Airbnb TV

Guests should be able to easily operate your vacation rental TVs. This is another reason the TCL Roku TV is the best smart TV for Airbnb. It’s consistently quoted as “easy to use” and it’s also easy for short term rental hosts to set up. 

Everything from the remote to the interface minimizes and simplifies the actions a guest has to take to play their favorite movies and shows. 

5. Best Streaming Device for Airbnb Guests (Built In)

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When you get TCL’s Roku TV for vacation rental guests, it means you are providing them with the best streaming device because it’s built-in. In other words, you don’t need to buy a separate streaming device. 

Your Airbnb guests get access to the most popular and largest breadth of streaming services / apps. If you were to provide them with a non-Roku TV, you risk limited entertainment options.

Roku includes free entertainment with 250+ live TV channels, award-winning Roku Originals, in-season shows, hit movies, kids’ TV and more. 

Guests will be able to sign into their accounts for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Instant Video, HBO Max, Disney+, YouTube, Pandora, Discovery +, Apple TV, Peacock & so many more.

6. Roku TV Controller 



When you order this top smart TV for Airbnb entertainment, you’ll be happy that it comes with a single, simple remote (and 2 batteries are included).

For more control options, your guests can download the free Roku TV mobile app on their smartphones. 

The Roku mobile app offers additional controls such as voice search and private listening. Guests can also access a keyboard on the app to type with their fingers instead of having to use the arrows & selection buttons.

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However, the physical remote gives you all the essential controls to operate the TV & apps (volume, up/down/left/right/select, mute, fast forward/rewind/play/pause, etc). 

7. Works with Voice Assistants / Smart Home Platforms

The mobile app works with Alexa, Google Assistant & Apple HomeKit (Siri).

8. Supports Cable/Broadcast Television

It’s not common that guests expect cable TV or satellite channels. Most are content with streaming.

However, if you want to offer guests the ability to watch broadcast television channels on your Airbnb’s smart TV, it’s possible with TCL’s Roku TV.

Just connect the coaxial cable from your cable box to the “Ant/Cable In” connector on the back of the TV. Then go to Home > Live TV on your screen to set it up.

9. Supports Gaming Consoles 

Using one of its 4 included HDMI ports, you can connect gaming consoles to the TCL Roku TV. Even if you don’t supply gaming consoles to your guests, someday you might decide you want to in order to become more competitive with other local STRs.

10. Doubles as a Monitor 

Another benefit of these HDMI ports is that they enable your guests to use this smart TV as a monitor. So if you offer a vacation rental that caters to groups such as corporate retreats, bachelorette parties and wedding celebrations, this TV can be connected to laptops for displaying presentations, slide shows, photos, video call participants and more. 

You can call this out in your listing as a benefit to these types of guests. This can help you stand out from the competition.

11. Guest Mode

Because this vacation rental TV comes with Roku, that also means you get access to Roku Guest Mode. Guests can log in to their own streaming accounts without the username and password being stored after their stay

12. 4K Ultra HD 

This TV delivers 4X the resolution of standard HDTVs for outstanding picture quality.

It also has HDR (High Dynamic Range). HDR delivers accurate, life-like colors. High-definition TVs are now a standard guest expectation in any quality vacation rental property.

13. Ethernet & WiFi-Enabled

It goes without saying that any smart TV is WiFi-enabled. However, this TV also offers an ethernet port.

This means you have the option to connect your modem directly to the TV for a more reliable internet connection (if you sometimes struggle with WiFi router connectivity).

14. Compatible with Most Wall Mounts

This TV has the ability to be mounted to a wall into studs. There are holes in the back of this TV to accommodate wall-mounting. If you take this route, you will need to purchase a wall-mount bracket (recommendation at end of post).

If you prefer to stand the TV on a media console or dresser, you can. There’s a stand included in the box.

15. It’s a Top-Rated TV for Airbnb & Vacation Rentals

Number of reviews: ~3,156 

Percentage of reviews that are 5-star:  ~78%

Note: Total reviews for TCL’s Roku TVs overall (for 2021-2022 models) amount to more than 50,000 reviews at 70-80% 5-star ratings). Again, we recommend 2022’s model for a budget Airbnb TV option.


More Television Recommendations for Airbnb Hosts

Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount for 32-65 Inch TVs (Swivel & Tilt)

The best TV wall mount for Airbnb rental properties is this Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount. Its bracket has both articulating and tilting capabilities, meaning its full motion and will pivot so you can swivel it in all directions. If you decide to upgrade to larger TVs in the future, you have the flexibility to do so with this mount (up to 65-inch TV size). 

best tv wall mount airbnb

TIP: Because you need to mount brackets into wood studs or a concrete wall (not just drywall), its multidirectional flexibility means your TV will still be viewable if you can’t find studs in your originally-intended location. 

Number of reviews: ~36,557

Percentage of reviews that are 5-star: ~86%

What size TV is best for Airbnb?

As a general rule, the TV screen width should equal double the distance of the seating from the wall in your Airbnb room. 55-65” is typically a good size TV for living rooms. For bedrooms, it can be 40-55 inches. It can also depend on the amount of wall space available. 

85 inches is typically the best size TV for an Airbnb movie room/theater. Again, the best screen size depends on wall space and distance to the couch, chair or bed.

Where to Buy the Best Smart TV for Airbnb

The best place to buy TVs for Airbnbs is Amazon Prime. This way, delivery is fast and you can send it back if it doesn’t meet your expectations.