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Airbnb IPO: What it Means for Hosts Like You

Reading the Airbnb IPO news and wondering what it means for hosts like you? Sure, the hosts who acted swiftly on the Directed Share Program for Airbnb’s initial public offering got lucky. But if you didn’t get to it in time or didn’t have the capital to purchase, another way you can rake it in is by preparing for what’s to come for Airbnb in 2021 (while people are distracted by the shiny news of the Airbnb IPO).

What Airbnb’s IPO Means for Hosts in 2021

If you want to be fully prepared for what you’re in for in 2021 due to the Airbnb IPO and the pandemic down time, you should prepare now. Keep reading to learn what the Airbnb IPO means for hosts and what’s likely to come. Then we’ll give you some tips for preparing.

1. An Increase in Airbnb Users: Hosts & Guests

With any influx of investment into a company comes increased marketing power for them. Airbnb is likely to ramp up the advertising for its platform to consumers. You can also expect to see increased advertising to acquire new hosts. And perhaps even more investment in Airbnb’s own properties.

Think of how any sharing economy company evolves marketing-wise and increases its user base (both customers and providers – hosts, drivers, delivery people, etc.) when they receive a major injection of cash.

So if you think the platform is saturated now, you just wait.

airbnb ipo what it means for hosts

Combine this with a Vaccine & Warmer Weather

It’s not only the Airbnb IPO that is going to create confidence in the company to attract more guests and hosts. It’s also the fact that the COVID-19 vaccine is coming, and so is warmer weather.

As of this date, we most likely have ~5-6 months until the vaccine begins to be distributed to the general public (travelers), and you better believe people are going to feel more confident traveling. Just in time for late spring/early summer travel. Future potential guests are already dreaming up their post-pandemic vacations.

2. The Airbnb IPO Will Create Extra & Stronger Competition

If the Airbnb IPO means more hosts and guests, you’re going to see more listings pop up across the board. This means more competition, giving guests more options as alternatives to your listing(s). More and more hosts are proactively educating themselves on what goes into a successful Airbnb. And this means an increasing number of appealing Airbnbs  with competitive aesthetics and amenities. In other words, a greater number of professional hosts.

airbnb ipo

How To Prepare Your Airbnb for Post-IPO Activity

With Airbnb’s IPO and the increasing activity that should result from it, you need to become more competitive. Assess your listing’s strengths and weaknesses compared to your existing competition. And then, imagine even more competitive listings and how your Airbnb will stack up.

Brand Your Airbnb

Want to have lasting success in an increasingly competitive Airbnb market? You need to brand your Airbnb. Branding your Airbnb will make for eye-catching photos, more clicks, increased marketing opportunities, press attention and repeat guests. With more professional hosts joining the platform, will come more beautifully-branded Airbnbs. Make sure your brand messaging and aesthetics will stand out from the competition.

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Optimize Your Listing

Want to appear as much as possible in a jam-packed Airbnb search results list? You need to optimize your listing. Get more eyes on your listing, increase bookings and enhance guest satisfaction by making sure you tick all the right boxes. There are many factors that compose an optimized listing, so make sure you stand out in all the right areas.

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Expand Your Reach

Want to go beyond Airbnb? Get a strategy for social media, website and other listing sites. This will be important when it comes to competing in an ultra-saturated, post-Airbnb IPO marketplace. You better believe that some of the most successful Airbnbs don’t depend on only Airbnb to drive visits to their listings. Start to expand your reach.

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Get Started Now

The coziness of winter weather coupled with the indoor time during the pandemic is like a sweet whisper lulling you into a cozy blanket, and it can make you feel like you have more time than you actually do. So give it every ounce of energy you can starting right now to make it happen. Otherwise, you’ll regret the lost opportunity come spring and summer.

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