About ColorMyBnb

ColorMyBnb is your vacation rental marketing strategy consultant. 

Our vision

Take your vacation rental to the next level. 

Your vacation rental is a business, and you are the conductor. But if you’re not a marketing expert, how can you be sure your rental is primed to reach its full potential? 

Working with ColorMyBnb is like having your own digital marketing consultant and interior designer who tells you exactly how you can better design + market your rental online. 

Our pay-by-strategy services will take your vacation rental to the next level. 

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Our Philosophy

People book experiences, not accommodations


Imagine planning a vacation to Taos, New Mexico. For months you’ve been enchanted by whimsical Pinterest and Instagram images of its famous turquoise doors, vintage faded desertscapes and the transcendent magic of gemstones and quirky art. 

And now it’s time to find accommodations. 

You search the available Stays on Airbnb, and what do you find? A slew of Airbnbs that look like they could be from anywhere outside of New Mexico. 

Except for that one adobe house. 

It’s adorned in turquoise trimmings and the mesmerizing patterns of bohemian southwestern interior decor. This rental stands out so much that it’s almost as if it were the only listing with color photographs.

Guess which vacation rental is more likely to get the booking, even at a higher nightly rate?


ColorMyBnb’s turquoise blue adobe logo encapsulates this story, signifying the importance of standing out in an increasingly competitive market.

If nothing else, we do know one thing about the listing from this story. 

The branding was there, and it spoke to the intent of many Taos tourists. It matched the experience they so often conjure mentally from images they subconsciously stitched together from social media, cinema, history classes, and perhaps even that “Desert Vibes” playlist album art they saw on Spotify.

While you might not own an adobe house in New Mexico, you can apply the same secrets that resulted in success for this hypothetical listing. 

It all comes down the right branding, optimization and growing your web presence.

With ColorMyBnb, you can turn your Airbnb into a high-demand vacation rental today.

The Brains Behind ColorMyBnb

ColorMyBnb was founded by a digital marketing consultant who has taken businesses from a multitude of industries to the next level. 

With Melissa’s expertise in search engine optimization, strategic content and branding, her clients’ businesses of all sizes have fairly competed in the most saturated industries. 

You need someone with marketing expertise to take a critical look at your listings. And not with just the perspective of a consultant––but rather a world traveler who has an innate understanding of what attracts bookings.

Benefit from Melissa’s experience traveling all over the world for more than 15 years via OTA sites including Airbnb. 

Her competitive mindset and unique perspective will formulate a fresh approach for your listings that will maximize your occupancy rate and income.

Increase Your Income. Starting Now.